Inspiration Behind Vhaan

  The Inspiration Behind Vhaan are those Craftsman sitting somewhere in the Villages in the Countryside. carrying the Legacy of Region and Crafts in their hand which has evolved over the period of time and still under the process of evolution which is never ending. They know the art better than anyone, they know the evolution in the art better than anyone. they have that art inside them rather we must say they have kept that art alive inside them. The Leather is the canvas they use for their craft. their hands flow as easy as a painter on paper when they design the craft. they know the essence of craft and Region they belong to which makes a perfect combination for Ethnic craft which will tell us the legacy and history of the region and show the journey of art in the Craft. inspiration is to give an ethnic essence of that craft to the people, The inspiration is to Rejuvenate authenticity of that art again, unlike today when the real sto

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