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  1. Maharashtra govt in talks to revive dying Kolhapuri chappal industry

    Kolhapuri chappal

     Kolhapuri chappal A few decades back, it was in demand prompting artisans to pass on the business to their next generations , 

    The Maharashtra government has said it wi

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  2. taking walk through the history of the kohlapuri chappals

    Kohlapuri Chappals

    Kohlapuri chappals or Kolhapuri are kitschy handcrafted slippers made form leather. A pair of kohlapuri chappals can can compliment a jeans and tshirt look as well as ethnic fashion wear like saree and Salwar Kameez. These chappals have gone through various innovations in the last decade, and have gained popularity across India and the world.

    They are open toed in design with a T-Strap

    olhapur Chappal


    According to historical evidence, the kohlapu

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  3. News : Maharashtra government plans to seek patent for Kolhapuri chappals

    In an attempt to boost the production and market of Kolhapuri chappals, the Maharashtra State Khadi and Village Industries Board has recently conducted a workshop for representatives and artisans. According to the participants the workshop was not a successful bid as it focused on digital marketing rather than the actual grievances of the chappal makers. And here comes another attempt to revive the dying legacy. The state government is planning to conduct an in-depth research and will soon start the process of obtaining a patent. The research will be conducted by Kolhapur’s Shivaji University.

    Subhash Desai, Maharashtra State Minister for industries, was recently quoted saying that it is sad that chappal makers have been struggling for the past few years to keep the market alive. We would do anything and everything to help them and the first move would be to get a patent. The state government also plans to explore the digital market

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  4. History of Kolhapuri chappal

    HISTORY OF KOLHAPURI FOOTWEAR The Kolhapuri chappal is the world famous handcrafted footwear which was initially specially designed in the Kolhapur town of Maharashtra state in India. These handmade leather footwears are tanned by using vegetable dyes. The traditional designs of the Kolhapuri footwear are very famous not only in the rural areas of Maharasthra but also across the globe. The Kolhapuri footwear was also referred by different names depending upon the place it was manufactured like Kapashi, Paytaan, Kachkadi, Bakkalnali, and Pukari.The Kolhapuri came into existence as early as the 13th century. History has recorded that it was started and designed by the Saudagar family in 1920. The first model which was designed earlier was much thinner than what is available now and was also known as chappal with ears or Kanwali for it had two side flaps. The upper portion of the footwear was intricately designed.


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  5. How the Beef Ban is Causing the Decline of the Famous Kolhapuri Chappal

    Long before ‘Make in India’ became a catch phrase for a modern, entrepreneurial India, the busy town of Kolhapur was the hub of many forms of indigenous commerce and enterprise. Famous as much for its fiery cuisine as for its superbly crafted jewellery, it also lent its name to the well-known Kolhapuri chappal, which became both a style statement and a comfortable accessory.

    Now, in the dusty bylanes of Kolhapur, makers of the footwear are bracing themselves for the industry’s decline – if not demise. The problems have been building up over the years, but the final nail in the coffin, as it were, is the scarcity of the basic raw material-leather. The state government’s enthusiasm in enforcing its law against beef has had a downstream effect which is systematically decimating this industry.

    Since Kolhapuri chappals were known more for being all-leather items – even their stitching and embellishments

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  6. why Indians are depress about patent ?

    why Indians are depress about patent ?

    As per the unofficial and experienced information in India more then 80 percent patents has been file by Foreigners.

    every year we export around 48000 crore Rs. to brand have patent of tht specific product and service

    great, but why not Indians?

    why Indians are hesitant for filing a patent ?

    are they ignoring the powering the patent? if yes then why?

    there might be various reasons for the same , complexity and tedious work peocess for patent application is one of them ,

    cost is also an factor to be taken under consideration at least for startup because they are always playing on edge for the funds . but huge cpmanies can surely manage the expenses for patent not an issue in that .

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  7. Vhaan! what now? Before that, Vhaan? Why?

    Vhaan is a Marathi origin word. Still being used by many dialects; mainly व्हान or वहाण. What takes you from one place to another is the reason and origin of this word Vhaan. Over the years, it has acquired a different connotation. In the modern Marathi age, Vhaan is not just being recognized as Footwear but Ethnic Footwear.

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  8. वहाणच का ?ह्या प्रश्नासाठी आधी वहाण हे नावच का ?

    वहाण हा एक मराठी बोलीभाषेतला शब्द असून त्याला आजही व्हान किंवा वाण अस अपभ्रंश करून वापरला जातो तर हा माणसाला वाहून नेतो म्हणूनही तेव्हा वहाण हे नाव पडल असाव पण कालानुरूप आज त्याला वेगळा अर्थ प्राप्त झालाय आज तो केवळ पायातल्या चपलेचा म्हणून वापरला जाणारा शब्द म्हणून नाही उरला तर आज तो एका काळातल्या चपलांना उद्देशून वापरायचा शब्द आहे ...

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  9. Story of one Footwear Startup , story of

    let us be usual and express the story usually :)

    it all begins with one thought(yes literally) one question (true) where are those all craftsman of Maharashtra who used to come to Mumbai with the bag of craft with them and use to sell them to the shops here with the simplicity and use to go back to the natives for making new craft …

    I remember each craftsman was different i remember each of them having their distinct style of talking dealing and communicating with shopkeepers they ha

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  10. Top place to get best kolhapuri chappals in mumbai

    Visit Saivaibhav

    The place to get the best kolhapuris in Mumbai is “SAI VAIBHAV FOOTWEAR” located at Khar west, Linking road. Since 1983 it is known for quality footwear & Kolhapuri chappals. Each product is still handmade by the craftsman in traditional way preserving the ethnic heritage of India.

    Sai Vaibhav footwear owners are more than willing to help you travel back into the history of Kolhapuri to understand the uniqueness of this leather art. They have been striving to get awarness and ensuring that the artisans have bette

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