In This section, we will discuss the current scenarios in the market and the current scenario on the society what the feelings of craftsman what is happening nowadays from that too what it is ethnic culture   doing now a days ethnic craft is dyeing or not ? reason and disection of everything including information about it  

  1. why Indians are depress about patent ?

    why Indians are depress about patent ?

    As per the unofficial and experienced information in India more then 80 percent patents has been file by Foreigners.

    every year we export around 48000 crore Rs. to brand have patent of tht specific product and service

    great, but why not Indians?

    why Indians are hesitant for filing a patent ?

    are they ignoring the powering the patent? if yes then why?

    there might be various reasons for the same , complexity and tedious work peocess for patent application is one of them ,

    cost is also an factor to be taken under consideration at least for startup because they are always playing on edge for the funds . but huge cpmanies can surely manage the expenses for patent not an issue in that .

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  2. Vhaan! what now? Before that, Vhaan? Why?

    Vhaan is a Marathi origin word. Still being used by many dialects; mainly व्हान or वहाण. What takes you from one place to another is the reason and origin of this word Vhaan. Over the years, it has acquired a different connotation. In the modern Marathi age, Vhaan is not just being recognized as Footwear but Ethnic Footwear.

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  3. वहाणच का ?ह्या प्रश्नासाठी आधी वहाण हे नावच का ?

    वहाण हा एक मराठी बोलीभाषेतला शब्द असून त्याला आजही व्हान किंवा वाण अस अपभ्रंश करून वापरला जातो तर हा माणसाला वाहून नेतो म्हणूनही तेव्हा वहाण हे नाव पडल असाव पण कालानुरूप आज त्याला वेगळा अर्थ प्राप्त झालाय आज तो केवळ पायातल्या चपलेचा म्हणून वापरला जाणारा शब्द म्हणून नाही उरला तर आज तो एका काळातल्या चपलांना उद्देशून वापरायचा शब्द आहे ...

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