Heritage Royal ethnic Landmark Design Prestigious Fully Antique designed Shahu Kolhapuri chappal for men

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Gants Shahu antique designed Kolhapuri chappal


Shahu chappal is said to be known for its recognition by the great Shahu Maharaj at said to that they loved 
this design so much that chappal was famous by their name.

Shahu chappal is the great combination of maturity with detail craft.

this chappal entirely handcrafted where the chappal made by best quality leather material and lots of efforts.

this chappal holds a Highest Landmark position in the field of the Ethnic craft of Kolhapur, this ethnic craft is well known its belonging to the royal family, 

this ethnic craft kolhapuri chappal is known for Embedded with the Jewels and best artisans works on it for rear and Detailed design. every design is hand punched and hand stitched by the craftsman many times craftswomen also help in the design formation this

craft is made in complete Pure Masidi Leather with a best ethnic royal design of Kolhapur district by the most experienced and best craftsman of that rare art. there are very few people left who can still make this Shahu Kolhapuri because it requires a lot of detailing and experience from how to choose the leather to how to carve them into state of the art ethnic craft.

three Different types of designed belt and stitched and form together and detailed design carved in them by the best craftsman wih Precision and quality.  every Piece together ties with the leather handmade braid then it beautifies with leather accessories every  bit

of this awesome craft is designed and stitched by those hands each design is hand-punched and handstitched with great precision and artistic sense. it comes with leather Jewel on it which makes it look more royal 

this chappal is also Embedded with Silver or Copper rings to gives it   Richness and Royal Experince 

Kolhapur district holds a huge value and heritage in the field of the ethnic craft by the name of Kolhapuri chappal, the name says it all as kolhapuri chappal has
the legacy of hundreds of years in the hands of a craftsman.
This chappal is made in district of Kolhapur Though it's origin is in Kolhapuri chappal , somehow it is also influenced by the Local culture of Kolhapur because craftsmanship and handicraft are done by the local craftsman of Kolhapur, as the each and every product made in vhaan is always made with the collaboration with the best local craftsman of that region and for that craft, due to which each craft always holds a local essence while expressing the culture of Kolhapur through it . vhaan uses best quality leather for the handicraft, each and every craft is handcrafted by the craftsman of Kolhapur with detailed handmade design on the craft which makes each and every craft ethnic and authentic.

this kolhapuri chappal is made in the senapati shape which resembles the Pointed shape but it is not the same as it is this shape holds it unique shape and legacy
kind of stright from inword this shape look a lot life broad knief in the feet pointed at the top but kind of broad at the external size this shape gives a more coverage to the toe and fingers with the benefits of pointed shape ... best for flexibilty and movement with the protection this is shape looks rich and artistic due to it's design with also the name has the senapati symbolises the protection, refinement , strength and fast movement as if the Kolpuri being used in the war .

 the color of the vegetable tanned leather is ivory which this craft has which indicated that this is the most organic leather craft, complete made in organic leather 

kolhapuri chappal is for men though by design it is apt as UNISEX so if it fits you , you can wear it

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Brand Vhaan
Colour Brown
Material Leather
For Men
Type Ethnic
From District Kolhapur
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