Moja Shape Pure Leather Handcrafted kolhapuri chappal for Ladies

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Moja Shape kolhapuri chappal for Ladies (Special Shape)

This craft is said to be the most favorite craft of the kolhapuri lovers because of its ethnicity and authenticity and the quality of organic leather used in it all the craft is handmade by the best craftsman of this craft also best craftsman of that region. detailed  work will excite you while the comfortable and best quality leather will make you wear this craft again and again 

This craft is made in Pure leather in complete handicraft wih the detailing is done by the craft women of natives and handstiching are by the leather too by the craftsman 

Moja Shape Ladies Kolhapuri chappal made in Pure leather by

Kolhapur district holds a huge value and heritage in the field of the ethnic craft by the name of Kolhapuri chappal, the name says it all as kolhapuri chappal has
the legacy of hundreds of years in the hands of a craftsman.
This chappal is made in district of Kolhapur Though it's origin is in Kolhapuri chappal , somehow it is also influenced by the Local culture of Kolhapur because craftsmanship and handicraft are done by the local craftsman of Kolhapur, as the each and every product made in vhaan is always made with the collaboration with the best local craftsman of that region and for that craft, due to which each craft always holds a local essence while expressing the culture of Kolhapur through it . vhaan uses best quality leather for the handicraft, each and every craft is handcrafted by the craftsman of Kolhapur with detailed handmade design on the craft which makes each and every craft ethnic and authentic.

Kolhapuri chappals are made in many shapes and each shape hold it's unique story and history,
the shape of this craft is T shape which is one of the favourite shapes in kolhapuri chappal which is used for both men and women , T shape is usually broad from the start of chappal which is different than the normal shape of the chappal , it has a better protection to the toe and fingers and also very comfortable for the broad feet people , it also holds it's own style and impression in kolhapuri chappal design ,
T shape chappal holds the story that T Shape chappals were also called as a Moja shape and it is loved by the English man back then especially the women though it might be the story only.

 the color of the vegetable tanned leather is ivory which this craft has which indicated that this is the most organic leather craft, complete made in organic leather 

kolhapuri chappal is for women  though by design it is apt as UNISEX so if it fits you , you can wear it

More Information
Brand Vhaan
Colour Tan
Material Leather
For Women
Type Ethnic
From District Kolhapur
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