Angtha Patta Soft Leather Kolhapuri chappal for men

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Satara Special soft leather khas chappal


Ethnic chappal made by the craftsman of satara , this chappal is handcrafted with the best in class material with the soft leather it has an history with it and specially designed by the craftsman for the comfort of the feet , leather which is used is an best quality leather . available in classy design .

Leather craftsman of satara are best known for their heritage and history in the detailed art of work in soft leather, craftsman associated with vhaan also export their chappal to the loved once located in abroad as unique those crafts are …

Detailed Veni crafts are done by the ladies of the natives with such detailing and dedication. Each chappal is unique and specially designed and crafted with detailing and dedication . Vhaan welcomes you to experience the crafts of satara

the chappal holds an angtha patti design which holds a very huge fan base in chappal design, this design is considered as a classic, 

which strong and comfortable huge center bel it gives a huge comfort plus perfect fit 

these chappal made in pure leather so it comes with all benefits of the leather chappal including the craftsmanship  from the expert craftsman of satara region expressing their culture through craft 

This chappal is made in district of Satara Though it's origin is in Kolhapuri chappal , somehow it is also influenced by the Local culture of Satara because craftsmanship and handicraft are done by the local craftsman of Satara, as the each and every product made in vhaan is always made with the collaboration with the best local craftsman of that region and for that craft, due to which each craft always holds a local essence while expressing the culture of Satara through it . vhaan uses best quality leather with the handicraft, each and every craft is handcrafted by the craftsman of Satara with detailed handmade design on the craft which makes each and every craft ethnic and authentic.

Kolhapuri chappals are made in many shapes and each shape hold it's unique story and history,

Pointed shape is one of the favourite shapes in kolhapuri chappal which is used for both men and women kolhapuri chappal, Pointed shape is usually narrow at the start of chappal which is classic shape of the chappal, it has a gives the natural movement to the feet and also very comfortable , it also holds it's own style and impression in kolhapuri chappal design ,
T shape chappal holds a story that Pointed Shape chappals were also called as a Puna shape.

kolhapuri chappal is for men though by design it is apt as UNISEX so if it fits you , you can wear it

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Brand Vhaan
Colour Brown
Material Leather
For Men
Type Ethnic
From District Satara
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